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Intentional Communities Directory

An alphabetic and geographic list of hundreds of intentional communities in North America and worldwide.

Anarchist Yellow Pages

The Anarchist Yellow Pages is an international directory of anti-authoritarian groups, publications and self-managed spaces.


Twin Oaks Community Conference

Twin Oaks Community Conference
is a networking, learning and bonding opportunity for anyone interested
or involved in cooperative or communal lifestyles. Experienced
communitarians, newcomers and seekers all join together for 3 days of
workshops, networking and social activities held each year at Labor Day



Twin Oaks Women's Gathering

summer for over 15 years, a multicultural gathering of women has been
held at Twin Oaks to celebrate through song, food, ritual, workshops,
games, art, and other merriment in the woods. This event takes place
the weekend preceding Labor Day weekend.



Conferences Supported by the FIC

Fellowship for Intentional Community puts on occasional conferences
around the U.S. that combine fabulous networking opportunities with
expert workshops on community living, offered by the same folks who
publish the Communities Directory and Communities Magazine.
To find out when and where the next conference will
be held, contact:

RR 1 Box 156

Rutledge, MO 63563

(816) 883-5545.



Educational Resources:

Living Routes

Living Routes is a non-profit
organization that offers accredited, college-level programs based in
ecovillages around the world that help students gain the skills,
attitudes, and inspiration to help build a sustainble future. Programs
are offered in southern India (Fireflies, Auroville, Mitraniketan),
Scotland (Findhorn Foundation), Australia (Crystal Waters), North
America (The Farm (TN), Twin Oaks (VA), Moonshadow (TN), Earthaven
(NC), Sirius Community (MA)). All programs focus on the foundations of
ecology, community, and spirit where the three come together in
practice and life choice. Students explore such themes as ecological
design, appropriate technologies, group dynamics, ecological literacy,
spirituality, sustainable agriculture, and more in a supportive
learning environment.
To learn more about education for personal and global transformation
check out, send email to or call toll free (888) 515-7333.

Community Networks:

Fellowship for Intentional Community

The Fellowship for Intentional Community
is a continental organization which provides publications, referrals,
support services, and sharing opportunities for a wide range of
intentional communities, including cohousing groups, ecovillages,
communities networks, support organizations and people seeking a home
in community.
Fellowship for Intentional Community

RR 1 Box 156

Rutledge, MO 63563

(816) 883-5545



North American Students of Cooperation

North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)
is an association of campus cooperatives in Canada and the U.S.,
providing student cooperatives with operational assistance, encouraging
the development of new student cooperatives, and serving as an advocate
for student cooperatives. NASCO teaches leadership skills, provides
information, and serves as the central link facilitating the fruition
of the Rochdale vision in the student sector. By strengthening the
student co-op movement, we believe we can strengthen the future of
cooperatives generally.

Radical Routes

Radical Routes
is a networks of housing coops, worker coops, and social centres in the
UK. We want to see a world based upon equality and co-operation, where
people give according to their ability and receive according to their
needs. Where work is fulfilling and useful and where creativity is
encouraged, where decision making is open to everyone with no
hierarchies and where the environment is valued and respected in its
own right rather than exploited. We want to take control over all
aspects of our lives. However, as we are not all in a position of
control we are forced to compromise to exist.
The specific means Radical Routes is pursuing are:

  • Setting up housing co-operatives to house people and projects with the above aims.
  • Setting up worker co-operatives with the above aims.
  • Promoting and organising participatory education through
    skills and knowledge sharing, through Taking Control events,
    distributing informative material and through work shops.
  • Raising finance to allow control over resources (property,
    technology and land) through co-operation and the economic interlocking
    of the co-operatives.
  • Supporting like minded projects.

Creating a co-operative world through housing, education & work.
For more information contact your local Radical Routes member co-op or email

Ecovillage Network of the Americas

The Ecovillage Network of

the Americas
is a diverse association of communities,
organizations and individuals committed to engage the people of the
Americas in common effort to join the global transformation toward
economically, ecologically, culturally and spiritually sustainable
They are the regional office for the Global EcoVillage Network,
a group based in Denmark whose mission is to support the development of
sustainable human settlements, assist in the exchange of information
among the settlements, and make information about ecovillage living
widely available.
EcoVillage Network of the Americas

64001 County Road DD

Moffat, CO 81143

(719) 256-4221



International Communes Desk

From its base in the kibbutz movement, the the International Communes Desk
corresponds with communities around the globe. They also publish the
Communes at Large Letter (CALL), a 'zine composed of tidbits from a
variety of international communities.
International Communes Desk

Yad Tabenkin

Ramat Efal 52960


(972) 3534-6078



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