Communications Hub

Position Held by: Angie Job Description: The Media Hub's job is to: - Maintain a list of tasks and responsibilities held by the Media Metas, along with deadlines. - Occasionally check in with the Communication Metas about the status of their tasks - Perform the duties of any Meta-ship that is not assigned.

Assembly Meta

Stan Sandhill

Assembly Meta Job Description

* make sure the dates of the assembly are posted on the delegates list serve at least a month before it starts; include details of when, where, etc.

* be the contact person at the host community for all enquiries/requests

* coordinate pickup of delegates if arriving by public transport and arranging for them to get to their destination after the assembly

* coordinate rooms at host community for delegates

* arrange for meeting space of the assembly

* make sure food needs of delegates are met: dietary issues, community meals, snacks, etc.


Conference Call Meta

Monica EGFS

Job Description:

The FEC conference call meta is responsible for scheduling, conference call account and dialing information, compiling the agenda, and making sure that the minutes get on the internal FEC server.

Current Tasks are:

[march 31st-completed] Setting up free conferencing account
[march 31st] schedule april conference call
[march 31st] set agenda for meeting

Conference call account information:

dial:(903)308-2000 (only costs your long distance rate)
access code: 887353# (host access 887353*)

to hear the playback of the call: dial (641)715-3506 and enter access code

Contact List Meta

Amy Skyhouse

Job Description:

- not set yet

Current Tasks are:

- [no deadline set] Fleshing out this task list

CID and Allied Communities Meta

Angie TO

Job Description:

- To liase with CID and allied communities
- To work with CIDs and provide support and resources, when possible, including LEX, access to the bylaws of existing FEC communities, and other support as available.
- To help communities who wish to become full members of the FEC

Current Tasks are:

- Sept 1 Contact delegates and get current list of CIDs, potential CIDs, and allied communities and their contact information

- Sept 30 Contact current CIDs and see what assistance each might want or need in the next year.

- Oct 30 Communicate the desires of CIDs to the TO delegate in preparation for the fall FEC convergance

Website Lurker Meta

Abe Acorn

Maintain helpful and friendly presence on the message boards. Find answers to unanswered questions, especially for seekers of community. Censor posts as needed.


-[On-going]Spend some time every day reviewing new content. Create a network of spies to assist with this task.

-[On-going]Post answers or links to resources if questions go unanswered. Timeliness is important as a non-FEC user is not likely to continue checking our website after several days of being ignored.

-Censorship of:
-[On-going]untrue or slanderous materials targeting the FEC or its member/allied communities
-[On-going]public displays of excessive vulgarity and distastefully lewd content
-[On-going]spam and advertising from outside the FEC
-[On-going]public flamewars

-[On-going]Compile and organize well written or thoughtful content for use as propaganda.

-[On-going]Collect news and events information from less tech savvy communards and post it on appropriate boards.

-[On-going]Publicize the site on like-minded social forums.

-[On-going]Manage, create, and enable novel functionalities, such as FEC Freecycle, carpool listings, dating services, etc.

-[On-going]Slithering from shadow to shadow and going "bump" in the night.

Questions to the FEC

Amy Skyhouse

Job Description:

- not set yet

Current Tasks are:

- [no deadline set] Fleshing out this task list

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