Finance Hub

Position Held by: Monica Job Description: The Media Hub's job is to: - Maintain a list of tasks and responsibilities held by the Media Metas, along with deadlines. - Occasionally check in with the Finance Metas about the status of their tasks - Perform the duties of any Meta-ship that is not assigned.


Gpaul Acorn

Job Description:

1. Prepare the FEC's tax federal tax return every year
2. Using reports from the look at the FEC's finances before each assembly. Bring any financial issues needing discussion to the assembly.

Current Tasks are:

- [no deadline set] Fleshing out this task list

Bookkeeping Meta

Kathe Sandhill

Job Description:

The INGE is responsible for managing the FEC's money on a day to day level.

Current Tasks are:

1. Every quarter, solicit expense reports from communities and ask communities to send in their FEC dues for that quarter

2. Write reimbursement checks within one month to communities who submit expenses, provided they are
* submitted within 6 months of the expense occurring
* associated with a clear category in the budget

3. Expenses submitted late, or without clear category, may be paid at the INGE's discretion (if the category is clear from context, for instance). Or they may be forwarded on to the executive committe

4. Deposit community dues payments in a timely fashion

5. Keep track of whether a community has paid its dues, follow up with communities that are late in paying

6. Transfer money in and out of the FEC's mutual fund account to keep a reasonable amount of cash liquid

7. Close the books in February, providing a final balance sheet and income/expense report for the previous year

8. Prepare reports on the state of the FEC's finances approximately 2 weeks before each assembly. Reports should include:
* Balance sheet for the start of the year and a current balance sheet
* Current Income/Expense report
* Report on any income or expenses for previous years received after the books were closed

9. Get finance reports to the treasurer for doing taxes and preparing draft budgets

The name for the FEC bookkeeper comes Inge Hoer of East Wind and Twin Oaks, who acted as FEC treasurer and bookkeeper for years and years.

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