Conference Call Minutes

2009 May Conference Call

Here's the minutes, y'all. Skyhouse and Stan and Hop: Please note the proposed Fall assembly dates and let us know if they work for you...

1. Fall Assembly dates: the Natural Building Workshop needs to move to Oct 23-27, so we propose that the assembly move to be October 28- November 4th. This will still keep November 6-8 open for someone/s to go to NASCO. Do these dates work for all?

2. Teaching Drum site visit: Lion and Monica will look into tickets and make plans for a site visit/s that make sense and don't blow the budget. Also, we talked about Echowood community in Austin. Bucket will forward past email communication with them to Apple, who will look at it and figure out ways to move forward in our communication/networking with them.

3. Inge position: Paul with check in with Kathe about what their process will be for transferring tasks and documents, etc. Apple will try to remind them or otherwise help facilitate that process.

4. 529 collective: Hop and Lila if she wants will be invited to be on future conference calls!

5. call for new communities: Bucket drafted a letter to put out to our community circles. Please send him feedback for shaping the document.

6. Forming New Communities: Ethan (with Hop and Kee) have created an outline on the website. see Ethan's email. Please send feedback to Ethan.

that's all folks. talk w ya next month, same time, same places :)


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