Willow and Booze

We have monthly family adventures.  Sky, Willow, Hawina and i get together and do something fun as the infamous “Star Family.”

Yesterday we just played Cosmic Encounter because Willow was just not going to a movie, no matter how compelling the trainer is.  And i have to boast that my 8 year old son beat his three parents, in a game that some very clever adult friends of mine have just found too complicated to learn or play.

But the funniest part was when we were driving from Twin Oaks to Woodfolk in Cville.  We were playing 20 questions (tho we don’t actually count the questions, like good anarchists) and it was Willow’s turn to have the secret.

Hawina’s first question was “Is it a Rubics cube?”

Willow lit up “That is it!, How did you know ?, Your a genius!”

And then in complete deadpan he said “Of course it is not a Rubics Cube”

i nearly wet myself laughing.

Earlier in the day i went into the ABC store and bought a bottle of Vodka when i was the tripper.  The woman behind the counter had never met me before, but after i paid her she said.

“You don’t want a bag do you?”

I looked at her with mild shock and said “In fact, no i don’t”

She smiled and pointed to my blue tripper pouch and said “None of the people with those blue pouches want a bag.”

[Trippers from Twin Oaks carry a blue pouch with all their requests for shopping and apparnetly we are all asking for no shopping bags.]