Capitol Distraction

Beth thought it would be nice for our Dutch guests (Micha, Wieneke and their son Fabian, who i was the donor for) to see the new visitor center at the US Capitol while they were in Washington DC (which i call Death City).
So we all packed into Shana’s Subraru, including Beth’s daughter Rachel and i hide in the back to evade the DC police in our overcrowded vehicle.

The  first hurdle was the security at the Capitol which wanted us to throw out all our food and the water bottle containers.  This infuriated both Wieneke and Beth who did not want to dispose of the perfectly good reusable water bottles they had.  So we delayed our tour and Beth took them back to the car.

The Capitol guides are a cross between a security guard and tour leader.  Ours started her tour with the emphatic statement “You have two tour options today, you can go with me for about an hour or you can wander off from the group and get a tour from the capitol police, which is very short!”

And so it was for the next 40 minutes or so as we saw the myriad statues and paintings which fill the Capitol with the LA jewish high school basketball team which toured with us.  Our guide was regularly directing tourists where they could and could not stand or sit, that they could not use their own headphone jacks in the free radio headsets which werre provided all the while asking triva questions about California’s pending statehood anniversary and basketball tidbits from Kansas (really).

At the end of the tour, Beth asked Fabian how he had liked it and he responded (in a manor i could her myself quiping) “I thought they had outlawed torture in this country.”

If you have acccess to Facebook there is a cute video of Fabian and Rachel Spinning in the Emancipation hall.