Of course there is a story

i am following the wikileaks story like lots of people.  I went and looked at one of the mirrors and noticed that despite being on top of the global news for two weeks, the wikileaks site itself had added nothing to update the sight in over 10 days.  So i got to thinking (always a dangerous situation) “These folx are busy, the CIA is after them, the feds wants to sic the antiquated Espionage Act on them,  the Swedish courts are after them.  They cant spend time updating some website.”

So i thought, there should be another site.  A site where people could post interesting philosophical  articles about wikileaks, where the backlash could be tracked, information and ranking of leaks of the cables.  It should be a wiki – i thought.   And then i thought (in that type of meta self referencing way i occasionally enjoy).  It could be called

So then i did the thing you are never supposed to do.  You are never supposed to type in the URL of a website that you are interested in buying to see if it exists.  The reason for this is that there is a rumor out there that every domain search which does not find the website is then sold to these people who buy up website domain names in hopes of selling them back to you.  But i did it anyway and then this amazing thing happened.  There was a blank wiki there.

This in itself would not have been amazing.  I imagine there are a fair few wikis which get started an then not much (or nothing) happens with them.  But what made this amazing was after fiddling around with it for a few moments,  i decided to look at the time stamp of the creation of the site at it said Dec 10 2011, 19:07.  Then i looked at the clock it was 7:10 PM on that same day. Apparently, when i typed in the URL i created the wiki!

Already inspired by my own clever idea, i started mucking around in the wiki, made some categories, put up some links.   Created myself as the first registered user and signed off.  Enchanted with this peculiar happening.

Then i went down to the Tupelo living room where Ben was working.  I told him about my wiki creation experience and he was, understandably, completely unconvinced.  He checked the time stamp and sure enuf it was created a bit after 7PM on todays date, but he pointed out that the information i had added had a time stamp of tomorrow just after midnight and that the website had likely been created 5 hours ago and the time stamp was Greenwich Mean Time rather than Eastern Standard.

And while my illusions were shattered, i have continued to tinker with the site, met the person who put it up (who was very surprised that i had found it and was already messing with it) who is a student somewhere who wants to rank the quality and usefulness of the various leaks thru peer review.

And now there is a stubby site at