Birthday as Appreciation

We just had Hawina’s b-day.  The number does not matter much.  We did a bunch of things Hawina loves to do, like playing Taboo (including cards made about Twin Oaks, like the phrase is ‘steam table’, but you can say ZK, food, eat, dining, etc).  This was followed by two games of Werewolves and Farmers (an elimination game sometimes called Mafia or Assassin).  Willow wanted to play god (who is the narrator  of the game) in the first one and had a different special role in the second one.

There is something cool about Willow and Rowan playing the game with the adults as peers.  That they feel completely normal and at ease – or more precisely manic and excited, in this context.  Corb was a werewolf twice and got killed both times.  Claire played the curious girl role (who gets to peak and try to disclose the werewolves) and just ran rough shot over the rules, in her charming and disarming way.  Shal (one of the most non-violent people i’ve ever met) was chosen randomly as a werewolf and since it was so out of peoples perception of him, he managed to kill everyone and win solo.

Beyond the party games there were stories and appreciations.

Corb had a cute little video on his iphone of a co-worker testifying on Hawina jumping out from behind a tree and scaring him.  Valerie described how she saw Hawina like a date tree.  I told the story of how she repaired the relationship between two folks in a date rape.  It will be just a year or two before Willow steps up this peer notch and starts telling stories about his mom.  Then look out.