Comments as Love

So i think we are building something here.  You could look at it thru a collection of different frames.

You could call it propaganda (as i often do).  That we are trying to advance a collection of compelling ideas and introduce them to people in a way that makes them want to embrace them.  Some of these are pretty accessible: Story TellingFunology, Sharing, ConsensusNext Generation Social Networks.  Others are more scary or daring: intentional community, honest seduction, anarchismpolyamory, memetics, “New Culture

Another frame might be life style activism, or what i sometimes refer to as “building the better party.”  When i lived in San Francisco i participated in and ultimately was one of the organizers for the cities anarchist coffeehouses.  They would rotate their monthly location to different collective houses which were willing to host. Everything sold (usually food and t-shirts) would be would be donated or rescued from a dumpster and all the profits would go to support some good radical cause.  At one point i was talking with a former communist who i had seen at a couple of our events.  I talked with him about his participation and he said that the over arching goals of the communist ideal – fairness, peace, eliminating coercion were basically the same as what the anarchist were trying to do.  But he was here because the anarchist were clearly having a better time getting there.

But the frame i want to touch on for this post is Love letter writing. The specific form of love letter writing i want to promote is commenting on posting on blogs.  I am reading an increasing number of blogs these days.  Almost all the entries i read have no comments posted on them.  I can tell you this is a slightly sad and lonely feeling, even as your blog becomes more popular (as mine fortunately has) if a post gets no comments there is a sense of disappointment (at least for me) which surrounds it.  Alternatively, even very short comments are like presents.

If you want to help build this better world, weigh in.  Leave a comment, even a short one.  It encourages this type of behavior.