Rabble Rousing

Over the years, i have been lucky enuf to pick up some choice gigs.  East Carolina University is definitely one of them.  Prof David Knox was looking for something to wake up the students in his courtship and marriage class.

What better way to get conservative Christian students to pay attention then to bring in members of a commune and have them talk about he advantages of polyamory.  Twin Oaks has been coming for something like 6 years and after a couple of years break, i got to return today to one of my favorite propaganda haunts.

“Have you ever called a lover by another lovers name while making love?” Asked one student who confessed that while not poly they had.

“Will you go to monogamy with cheating when you leave the commune?”

“So does all your lovers have STDs?” [i shared my belief that the poly community has a lower infection rate, because we test more, talk about it more and are more honest about it than our mainstream counter parts]

There were of course the predictable orgy questions and inquiry as to my religious practices [Culturally pagan, spiritually atheist]

We were asked about polys effect on kids and i retold the story of how when Willow was asked if he had 2 dads he replied “Yeah, i guess i lucked out”

Caroline and i were asked about counting lovers and i gave my wrap about how people dont count friends, and how my relationships are dynamic (should an intimate i am not currently having sex with count as a half?) and how this number is never used with respect and only with derision.  Caroline crisply replied “4?

We were asked if we said “i love you” and i railed against this emotionally sloppy construction.  A phrase i think has little clear meaning (like i love my dog or my iphone or my job? certainly not those types of love). i pointed out that it is often the only thing hopelessly drunk people can figure out to say.  And that when someone says it to me i reply “What do you mean by that.” Again Caroline countered by saying she did say it (tho not to me) and encouraged people not to be swayed by my rap.