“we are lost” i say

Willow looks over my shoulder from the back seat and says

“No we aren’t, we have more than half a tank of gas.”

The quote originally hails from Angie’s mother i think.

i made a similar claim to Feonix this evening

“Are you kidding” she mocked “i’ve got a cell phone with a GPS”

“We can just take this path over to the road there and walk down to the car”

shortly there after we had to retreat from some large unidentified factory which blocked our way

Feonix in dumpster inappropriate clothing

but the GPS got us to trader joes

which is Mecca for believes in dumpsters

Trader Joes has rich open dumpsters which deploy clear plastic bags for ease of hunting

the diversity of food is great enough so that there is always something slightly luxurious about

and they were just 15 minutes from our fancy hotel

on the way back we went past a dunkin’ donuts

and an hour later she observes

“it is not about it being the great food we get

or that it is one of the best ways to recycle.

what is really fantastic is you can get a dunkin donut after the store is closed.”

dumpster w/o Feonix