A year in 17 pieces

Audrey and i have been flirting for over a year and this month we will finally consummate our relationship.

She will put my words on her site.

She has read hundreds of my posts and decided that these 17 best reflect the last year or so

Post #1  Strange Tango Intro an effort to frame the year of posts
Post #2: Not Far from the Tree  do anarchists breed anarchists, Willows thoughts on the police
Post #3: Japan by the Numbers  an early post on the impact of the Fukushima Meltdowns – with some updating
Post #4: Turbulence  how arrogant, self-absorbed, manic people (like me) are nearly impossible to be close to without getting run over
Post #5: Curious Culture  how a slightly technophobic community evaluates and controls cell phone use
Post #6: The Necessary Complexity Theory  Extrapolating Einsteins eloquence to hold great truths inside complex worldviews
Post #7: Is Egypt like Poland in 1989?  Will the middle east cascade revolutions in 2011 as eastern Europe did in 1989?
Post #8: All Volunteer  How the commune gets it done, without coercion.
Post #9: Comments as Love  “if you like this blog post, you better write something in the comment field”
Post #10: Kana’s Last Sentence  the final wishes of a wonderful quirky man
Post #11: Bye Bye Europe  being asked to help Wieneke and Micha to have a son and the longest ride in the world
Post #12: The Neighbors  Denny Ray helps us find the motherload of pears
Post #13: Lucky Myth  People think we are poor, so they give us lots of stuff.  We actually have a bunch of stuff, thx.
Post #14: Elevated Position My brother and parents were all founders and CEOs.  i am just the tofu delivery boy.
Post #15: Downplaying CNN  Madge reminds Paxus that egalitarian is good enuf.
Post #16: Proust’s Parlor Game  My still mostly unanswered questions from the list.
Post #17: Tiny Dancer  How my son is learning from my mistakes, even without me teaching him