Alluring Myths

It is the beginning of fruit season here.  There are daily more strawberries than even our ravenous kids can consume, and they just keep coming.  One of the things i appreciate about the early members of this place is that they planted all sorts of fruit trees and bushes.  For the next 3 months in various parts of campus there will be edible sweet things.  And it really does turn out that strawberries you eat an hour after picking taste better than ones flown half way round the world to pay off some World Bank/IMF loan scam.

Strawberry processing circa 1993

So i drove the new tofu truck to south central Maryland on Monday.  The trip was fraught with several problems including me not bringing enough cash to buy gas for the return trip.  But that is the source for another post.

What did happen is i got into a conversation with the guy from the distributor who wanted to give me an apple.  He always gives the Twin Oaks delivery people apples.  Turns out a couple fo years back one driver told him we had cut the food budget for apples.  He felt this was a terrible shame and that really these poor communards should be able to get these simple inexpensive fruit.

Our driver did not mention our massive fruit harvests (including our own apples, tho they have been diminishing over the last years) .  Nor did they mention that we grow 70% if iur own produce, which we also often eat fresh.  Or that we spend $50K per year on bulk external food (which only works out to about $500 per person, but still keeps us in dried cranberry and the like these days),

When you hear we have cut apples, you can only imagine we are poor and suffering.  It is because you cant really imagine what it is like to be here.