Pet Obsessions

So anyone who knows me well, knows i say things like “Modesty is dangerous”  [In fact Abigail and i are doing a workshop with this title at the Playback Theater Festival in Boston in June].

My pet obsession these days is this blog and it’s traffic.  A year ago i was getting 20 hits on an active day on a good day, now i get over 200 hits on a good day (of which i have had 4 in the last 7).  The big kick was getting onto which bumped up my volume in May and nearly doubled my monthly incoming hits from the previous one.

And like a junky without a fix, i am thrashing around bumping between visions of how this might be useful as a propagandist and feeling like it is sucking time out of my impossibly compressed schedule and i almost certainly should be sleep half the time i am currently blogging.

Stay tuned