Fukushima at 3 months

i’ve been in this biz for a long time.  One of my more interesting meetings was with a reporter for Nucleonics Week, which is a very expensive weekly newsletter for the nuclear industry.  We used to get pirated copies of this magazine so we could tell what the industry was thinking.

When i was working on stopping the Temelin reactors in the Czech Republic, we used numerous tactics to pressure decision makers around these plants.  At one point when we were pressuring Austria to block the Czech Republics membership into the EU because of these substandard reactors.  This approach caught the eye Mark Hibbs from Nucleonics Week who came to call on our crowded Hnuti DUHA offices in Brno.

i start from a suspicious place about the nuclear press and i told Hibbs so at our first meeting.  Part of how the nuclear people are able to stay in business despite tremendous evidence of their crimes is that they control the information and the spin brilliantly.  My starting assumption about Hibbs was that he was a highly paid mouthpiece for the industry who purchased his periodical.

He understood and then told me the story of his favorite piece of his work, where his investigative reporting had put nuclear executives in jail.  This was a guy i could work with.

Hibbs now works for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (a big step up in my book) on nuclear issues and has just co-authored a report on Fukushima and it’s global effects.  It is definitely worth the read.

He is far more cautious (and likely more right) than i have been about Japan’s reversal of future nuclear construction. He points out that beyond Switzerland, both Peru and Thailand may scrap their nuclear programs.  And reports that very few reactors were going to be built in the US, even before this accident.

What he does not touch on, and most of the mainstream media will not touch is that Fukushima appears to already claimed victims in the US.  This disturbing article in Counter Punch shows that infant mortality has increased a statistically significant 35% in the NW US cities in the 8 weeks after Fukushima.  These families are unlikely to blame these melted down reactors for their personal losses.   Which is why the invisible and insidious nature of nuclear radiation makes this poison the capitalist best friend.