Girl Pants

Turns out i don’t wear Tommy Hilfiger. I am rushing off to Boston and dash into Commie Clothes which is perfect for this event – a room full of sorted clean clothes you can borrow. I am rushing thru to find something acceptable in my waist and bump into these slacks that are perfectly adequate for my needs. I check the inner waist and they are Tommy Hilfiger brand. And i realize i wont wear this brand, because Mr Hilfiger is a racist and i dont want to showcase his work on my body. I had not thought of this personal boycott before this moment.

Commie has shoes also and costumes and work clothes and hats and ...

i find another pair of pants with a more interesting cut, the legs are long enough i put them on and then i realize putting my hands into the shallow pockets, that they are girls pants. And i pause and think – it is fine to wear a pair of girl cut pants if they basically fit. But not Tommy.