i heart iPad

On a recent trip to California i met up with a friend who recently went to work for Apple and described it as a dictatorship.  He considered himself lucky, because he mostly liked the ideas of Steve Jobs, who’s imprint is on all things Apple.

Today i am quite pleased with Apple’s closed format tablet.  This is because i just viewed my blog on it.    If you can get your hands on an iPad easily, check out this blog on it (or any blog, i assume).  Instead of displaying he HTML which the blog creates, typically giving you the top portion of the last entry, the iPad gives you the image and first paragraph of the last 5 or 6 blog posts.  This is perfect for how i write my blog, it converts it basically into a digital magazine.  Where enticing first sentences and alluring images make you want to press the article you want to read.  And because the topics are fairly diverse, there is likely something for every progressives liking.