Hug > Haircut

It was the first morning of the trade show.  We had set up completely the night before and had not gotten to bed too late.  My morning insomnia had me up at 6 and i had a text from Davi.  He was in Chicago and had been robbed at gun point the previous night and wanted a hug.  i looked at my clock, saw i could spend an hour with him before the show opened.  So of course i went.

What i was supposed to be doing was getting my haircut.  Frankly my hair is a low level disaster. Impression is important at these events, so it seemed like the right thing to do to get it cut.  But after i missed this first chance, i never made it back to Super Cuts.  Hawina did damage control and help me tie it back and look reasonable.  Given how well we did at the show, customers must either be really hungry for our hammocks, or my hair did not discourage them too much.

And soon i will get it cut for the canvasing we are doing around the neighborhood on stopping the reactors at Lake Anna.