re-post unsurprising surprises

unsurprising surprises
 [This re-post is from Dec 6, 2008.  At that time Willow was traveling with varying different sets of parents and partners thru Europe]

“You will be surprised to learn …” Willow says with complete seriousness. And i am, and i am surprised when he speaks like this. And i should not be, one of the few rules around Willow is we don’t talk down to him and we don’t lie to him. He asks an embarrassing question we give a straight answer, even if it does not frame us in an ideal way.

He speaks like and adult, because all his short life we have been speaking to him like he was one. Or more precisely, like we wanted his comprehension to be very high, so we did no assume he did not know complex words and he is completely comfortable (it seems to me) asking what a word he has not learned means.  He occassionally says things like “When you get back i am going to metaphorically kill you”, to which i can only crack up laughing at.

Am*dam playground circa 2008

He is doing so well on this trip. Rarely complaining, doing all kinds of things which are stretch for him – like all this traveling long distances and being without his dear friends. And he is rolling with it. He makes it all an adventure, even when it is not what he wants. i need to get him to teach me this.