The Mango and the Quink

There were only two options.  Either Tobias (formerly Frodo) had left his bag in Ta Chai, next to the hammock he wanted me to bring up to NYC, and he failed to mention the bag to me and if i did not bring it up with me it was going to be a problem of some significance for him and thus me.  Or i would be pro-active bring up the bag to Brooklyn and it would turn out it was not his bag at all and i had carried it for no reason.  So i brought the bag – pointlessly.

Tobias is a funological anomaly.  If you have been in this quasi science as long as i have you know a few  things.  You know how many people are going to start new romantic connections at parties of certain sizes, themes and compositions.  You know the range of daring, fun, edgy things that festival goers will do given a setting and occasion.  Add Tobias to the mix and what before was unlikely become probable, what was impossible becomes accessible.

Charming low key birthday in Manhattan - note Mango

He is briefly in the untied snakes looking for allies in the construction of the better party (loosely connected the Mayan calendar’s 2012 climax) which will be in the fall in Germany.  These are allies of many stripes so if you want to help in anyway, drop me a blog comment and i will link you up.

The mango is one of the symbols Tobias has brought to our loosely connected tribe.  It is exotic and somewhat strange and at the same time accessible and tasty, iconically it fits.  I got the mango which is depicted about (despite it being claimed as Feonix and Tobias’s baby at one point).  i am not much into birthdays, but this is a gift i can gracefully receive.

Tobias is organizing quink story telling rounds.  Quinks being the opposite of trama, where some significant event permanently changes your life in a positive way.  It is one of the words and concepts we need to get into broader circulation.  And there was an interesting twist to this thrown together non b-day celebration of mine, in the Beatrice finally got to tell Tobias how his approach at Burning Man a decade ago, created a quink experience in her life.  More quink stories to increase the visibility of the concept sound like a grand plan.