The highly desputed champion – Keith’s stag party

Willow and Hawina and i have a Wednesday night hammocks date.  It is left over from when we were rushing to make our production goals and both on the farm parents wanted to be helping and that meant Willow came along.  He is slowly learning different tasks in the hammock shop – shuttle winding, harness threading.  He cleaned up the scrap rope from the  hammock shop floor yesterday, but i must confess he lacks the work ethic i was hoping he might embrace.  After this hammocks date, Willow and i went up to Keith’s stag party up at the conference site.

Marriages are not often highly celebrated here (perhaps 5 large ones since i have been here – including this summers 2) and this is the first bachelor party in my 14 years here.  It was also Willows first ever and he loved it.

it was too dark to see these, but we certainly heard something

Part of his enthusiasm was Ezra had acquired several different types of meat and barbeque sticks that we deliciously marinated.  There were two big fires to cook over.

But what i think really made the party fun for Willow was the wrestling.  He got to wrestle me once and Trout twice.  Willow won all three times.   It is possible that the refs (Red and Daniel) had something to do with my son’s success.  It seemed like when ever i or Trout actually successfully pinned Willow, the refs would not start counting.  Alternatively, when Willow would pin either of us, the refs would count very fast and announce that Willow had won.  Willow understood why he was the disputed champion.  He still thought it was the best party he had been to.

There is no arguing with the referee