Not quite meditating – a new ritual

“You are a very disorganized organizer.” Noted GPaul in a recent conversation.

“i am focused on effectiveness, not reliability.” i quipped in response.

The rant i justify my bad behavior with, is that i try lots of things and some of them fail, and the reason that some fail is they dont get enuf attention from me.  And the rationalization is that i still get more done than i would if i were to limit the number of things i was doing by try fewer, with greater commitment/reliability.

if i had a desk, it would likely look like this

This technique frustrates many who wish i would just always do what i say i am going to do and not endlessly over commit to the new sexy project which comes along.

I have a long history a failed efforts to get more organized.  i have started and abandoned a dozen task list systems, but this month i am trying something new: walking around the block.

Actually, it is usually just walking around the garden, which takes about 10 minutes. i have not made it everyday, but i make it many days and i have a little mental routine i attempt on this trip.

  • I think about what i need to do today
  • I think about what i want to do today
  • I think about who i want to write a love letter/appreciation note to
  • I think about what i can do to help Hawina and Sky with parenting Willow

The results of this walking and thinking has been i tend to procrastinate slightly less and finally got around to a major clean of Willow’s room.

Willow is generally reluctant to clean his room, and deeply suspect of others efforts to do so.  His instructions were clear “dont throw anything away”.  I got a number of clear plastic storage tubs, and started sorting.  These were the general categories which got separate containers, by order of size:

  • Legos
  • Bionicals
  • Action Figures
  • All other figures, including dinosaurs
  • Swords, sticks and weapons
  • Marble Run track
  • Magic Cards
  • Other types of cards
  • Rubber balls and other spherical objects
  • Crystals
  • Pens, markers and fans
  • Pennies
  • Dice

There is also a tub he and i will sort which is “paper, mostly trash.” But the room does look much better, and the ants who were taking over have been repulsed.  And yesterday when he and Jonah were playing with the action figures they actually choose Willows room and returned the action figures to their huge bin.  Pictures soon.