an 80?s look and a vampiric fear of mirrors

“Now i can only complain about your clothes” Bochie said after inspecting my new haircut.

“It is totally 80?s, Hello Duran Duran” quipped Maddalo who i am sharing a Eurythmics CD in the hammock shop with these days.

i am Steve Morris

My hair is the shortest it has been since i was perhaps 6 years old.  It was really Aubby and Bochies idea and Brittany executed the operation masterfully according to most observers.

Willow freaked out even more than he did last time i relatively recently dramatically cut my hair.  Hawina and Shal predictably disapproved.

“What do you think of it?” Elijah who has been teaching me about video games asked.

“I dont know, i have not seen it.” i replied, 24 hours after it was cut.  Of course people find this odd, but i have very limited interactions with mirrors.  And it does not quite feel like a good enuf reason that i have a major different doo that i should change this.  I did see myself briefly in the rear view mirror, it seemed quite different.