Montreal protests and refrigerator labels

Though most readers of US based media are unaware of it, there are huge student strikes going on in Montreal and across Canada these days.  [They are invisible even despite their being solidarity protests in New York and Paris]  These strikes which started in the provincial capital are over 100 days old and keep growing in size.  Over 2,500 have been arrested so far and crowd sizes are in the hundreds of thousands.

Like the Occupy movement, these mostly nonviolent and not-property-destroying protesters have been bolstered by strategic missteps by the government.  The law which was  passed to block the student protests just about two weeks contained some highly unpopular provisions including:

The new Quebec emergency law says that any individual protester found guilty of an offense that forces the cancellation of classes would be liable to a fine of $1,000 to $5,000. If the offense is committed by a senior officer or representative of a student group or federation, the fine could be as much as $35,000.

This is pretty clearly in violation of Canada’s charter (their equivalent of the US Constitution) which guarantees freedom of assembly and association. But it is on the books till the high court strikes it down.  This draconian legislation so outraged average Canadians, they have joined the protests which have now spread across the country.

Meanwhile, much closer to home.  I saw this label at Acorn in the refrigerator and loved it.

Acorn Refrigerator Label – circa 2012

What is going on here is that in an active collective refrigerator there are two things going on with labeling. One thing is that most of the thing sin the refrigerator are in plastic or glass containers which are labeled with what they are (and ideally when they were stored).

What this label is for are for things which are not labeled, because they are in the original container and you dont want to  not have to put a label on them to say what they are, so you zone them for a part of the fridge where everything in this section is in original containers.

i cant quite say why this pleased me so.