What you always wanted to do

One of the most important, tho oft not discussed aspects of community life it the lack of commuting.  We live and work at the same place.  Okay, some people have to ride a bike for 5 minutes to get to Emerald City, but this lifestyle difference saves, i estimate, 5 to 10 hours a week over our Babylonian counter parts.  This is huge.

Combined with the amazingly flexible labor system it creates conversations like the one i had with Christina this morning.

Christina does this instead of rush hour


She was describing her history around these types of cards.  ”It was something i always wanted to do before, but i never had time.  Here i do it.”  She was making the card for Carley, her next door neighbor.  ”She does so many things for me, i wanted to do something for her.”

What would you do instead of sitting in rush hour?