Fuzzy Flattery

It is small things which tilt balances.  As i wrote earlier, despite it having inferior camera control (in its current version) Instagram is taking over the image posting social networking world.  It does not hurt at all that it has been snapped up by Facebook.  The following shot was taken today of me after my fast K-II kitchen cleaning shift.

me today after K-shift

Because Instagram does not (yet) have control of all the cameras capacities (zoom, focus, flash, etc) you get grainy shots like this.  But because it has add-light-to-the-center-of-the-picture fliters, it is the web posting camera app of choice.  I believe it is these filters on millions of flashless cell phones (plus the FB connection) that will make Instagram the standard for photo uploading apps, as twitter is for microblogging.

This grainy shot does a poor job of highlighting my salt and pepper beard or chest hairs.  Thus the picture helps perpetuate the illusion that i am younger than my 55 years.