Rescued Vanity Pages

Raj ex-member wrote the initial wikipedia page about me in 2004.  I did not know that it was there until i was googling my own name.  I used to search for my name to see if any of the letter to the editor i had written had been published on line [Now a Google News alert sends me an email when ever i am in the news.].  Instead i found this short biography on me, on the prestigious wikipedia!.  I was thrilled at the discovery (modesty never one of my virtues) and i started teaching myself about wikipedia, in the wreckless expansion of the post on me.  Technically, the rule is you cant start a post on yourself, but if someone else does and it does not get deleted then you can edit a post on yourself, provided you fall along the neutral point of view editorial requirements.

At first i was quite good at this, i even got a compliment from one of the wikipedia editors about being neutral.  But vanity rained in and i started writing things about aspects of my life which are unverifiable.  Hitching on sailboats across the Pacific, dancing on soviet tanks shortly before the Berlin Wall collapsed, even being in a polyamorous family is not actually documented in reliable sources anywhere, so to prevent the entry from being deleted, i hacked it back to” just the facts, mame”.  It passed the poll for deletion and i hung up my editing of my own entry.

But we live in the age of sustainability and all these fine unverifiable stories should not be lost just because of a disagreement over point of view.  And thus my vanity page was born.  What you might not know about wikipedia is that there are individual user workspaces.  Inside my personal wikipedia workspace i put up the version which had been appropriately banned and then it started having a slow life of its own.

When you bang my name into most search engines, the official wikipedia entry (which still is tagged for possible deletion) comes up first and then vanity post in my user space.  What would make me happy, would be for the traffic to the vanity post (which is more complete, if unverifiable) to be so high that it came up before the regular post.  And i get that this is a fantasy.