Cool Docs and Zombie Doublegangers

There are some wonderful people who take mainstream professional training and turn it into something that serves the greater society, rather than just themselves or their shareholders.  Dianne is one of these folks.  Trained as a doctor she worked at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco as the chief clinician providing accessible medical care for the poor and homeless.  She has done relief and rescue work with Doctors without Borders and most recently went to Pakistan as part of a Code Pink delegation opposed to the US use of drones in that country.  These – and many other things – make her a hero in my eyes.

Dianne w/ Code Pink anti-drone actions in Pakistan

She sent me the following quick and thoughtful letter about my re-appearing Facebook Profile mimic.

do you mean that this is the second doppelganger?

the purpose might be to just irritate you – the info on facebook is SO available to anyone with the ability to type, that i can’t imagine that it is something more significant – as it is such a rookie action.

any angry girlfriends?
anyone particularly pissed off at you?

of two of my previous stalker-types one turned out to be a weird patient, and another a faint (barely acquainted) acquaintance with a mad crush.

any of those out there?

What good questions.  i am pretty sure this is the same mimic from before, many of my FB friends who were known to have friended the mimic last week were on the most recent friends list.

I dont find it irritating, i find it fascinating.  It is sort of like having cheap box seats for an unsuccessful cyber crime, how entertaining.  I also dont think it is designed to irritate me.  I think i am one in an early series of victims who this being used on.  The version i am working seems both more clever and mostly automated, it has blocked me so i can not find it anywhere or see its activity.  AND because of FB “no bad news” policy you dont know that someone with exactly your profile name and picture is blocking you [This would actually be the cheapest way for FB to combat profile mimicing - just look at the top 10 profile characteristics and if 5 of them or more are identical - or just the name is identical - bounce it to the fraud detection team.]

Any angry girlfriends?  i dont think so, not any recent ones anyway.  I actually feel in better shape with ex’s than i have in a long time.  And frankly any ex of mine who would try this would do a more compelling and covert job.  Plus they would know it would be amusing to me not painful or worrisome.

which is the Facebook mimic bot?

Anyone particularly pissed off with me? Not anyone i know.  At many given times there are more than a couple of people who are upset with me, people who i consider my larger clan and who i have some concern about their upset (i am happy to have Tom Farrell of Dominion annoyed by me).  But this type of sloppy attack would not be their style, or fit culturally and runs a high risk of getting caught, which if you were a member of these communities i frequent would probably cost you your membership.  And again there is the problem of it being poorly executed.

My current thinking is it is mostly bots (but one can never know about faintly acquainted made crushes).  That this profile mimicry is part of a larger experiment in which they are watching what happens and figuring out how to best mimic for future targets.  This learning model explains the earlier versions poor behavior where the bots tried to friend the person being mimicked instead of immediately blocking them.

But what is really interesting to me, is that Facebook has still not acted to take this double off the system, despite several reportings.  My previous post on this imposter indicated that they had quickly disappeared.  I had assumed this was FBs action, but now it is clear that the mimic pulled their own profile for a while.  It is also clear that FB considers double identity reports a low priority, because this FB user address reported to them is still operating.  This is my mimics FB address: I have shrunken my name to Paxus Calta-Star – so Occupiers in my name are so 2012.

Rabbit Circa 1985 – Urban Toothpick Collective

And as Rabbit points out: No one has mentioned that the doppelganger might be even more interesting than Pax himself.

Indeed, by all means lets meet, i am interested in what you are doing, and why.