How impractical

Dragon's Gift

Dragon’s Gift

“I don’t want to make art for money any more.” For some years now, I have been hearing talented and wonderous artists arrive at community and say this to me.

Silently, I protest.  How impractical. It takes all kinds of money to run intentional communities. These people have marketable skills, skills they enjoy, skills that make the world a better and more lovely place. They should “employ” these skills in in this environment to help keep the mother ship running, and to stay connected to there crafts.

Today, I received this painting as a gift from Dragon (one of these “unemployable” artists). The above picture is not a good quality representation, it is a more powerful piece than this image portrays. I was taken aback. How strongly I felt touched by the image and how I saw both myself and him in it. Something clicked inside me.

Magic and beauty. Turns out practicality is not what matters most.