Projects Hub

Position Held by: Gpaul Job Description: The Projects Hub's job is to: - Maintain a list of tasks and responsibilities held by the Project Metas, along with deadlines. - Occasionally check in with the Projects Metas about the status of their tasks - Perform the duties of any Meta-ship that is not assigned.

Expansion Project Meta

Bucket TO

Job Description:

- Create a proposal for how to invest the money we have set aside for the expansion fund.
- Create first draft of expansion project plan.
- Further update this job description as it develops

Current Tasks are:

- [3-30-08] Create investment proposal
- [4-15-08] Create draft of the expansion plan

Action Team

Amy Skyhouse, Monica EGFS, Angie TO

Job Description:

- not set yet

Current Tasks are:

- [no deadline set] Fleshing out this task list

Events Meta

Monica EGFS

Job Description:

The FEC events meta is responsible for researching possible events at which we would like to have a FEC presence, approaching folks who might travel to these events to do workshops and outreach, supporting folks with any help/literature/planning they might need, and overseeing and tracking the FEC funds for these events.

Current Tasks are:

Research events for the upcoming year, including especially a midwest event and a west coast event.

Solicit event attendees

LEX Meta

Angie TO

Job Description:

- Assist home and host communities in organizing LEX trips

- Assist communities in finding ways to make LEX affordable for their community, in labor and money

- Act a resource for any FEC community member who wishes to organize a LEX trip

Current Tasks are:

August 20 Check in with Sandhill about Sorghum harvest LEX trips

September 30 Check in with delegates about any other upcoming LEX trips

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